The Workshop Specialists

With You for “Your” Workshop

KIRO works with You for “Your” workshop. Your work space is tailor-made for You, materialised through accurate 3D design to match Your reality. Designing is not simply about rendering a space graphically. Designing is details, work flows, and efficient placement of equipment, furniture and systems.


The people who work and literally live in the workshop need to have every tool in the right place, enough space to move and work around the motorcycle, and direct access to tools.


Save time, gain in productivity. This is possible thanks to our Workshop Specialists which has long experience in the design of complete workshops studied and designed with dedicated software and by expert designers who have in-depth knowledge of workshops and their needs.

KIRO from CONCEPT to REALITY, because our work is to fit out an efficient workshop for you, one that has been thoughtfully designed and able to deliver all the necessary services for the maintenance of two-, three- and four-wheelers.


KIRO is innovation in the motorcycle sector through competence, quality and attention for detail.

Tailored advice and design plus exclusive products – latest-generation products thoughtfully designed and made for today’s motorcycle world that can materialise Your dream workshop. Unique, made just for YOU.

The Workshop Specialists

Where to allocate the different work areas in the workshop, how to equip them taking into account incoming and outgoing flows. The types of vehicles served and brands handled, the customer's market positioning and specific needs are indicators that guide us in designing your workshop of the future.


Consulting and design allow us to develop the CONCEPT: a realistic 3D project that 100% depicts the reality of the new working environment and will bring the new workshop to life.


An organised working environment equipped with our own equipment that reflects the approved 3D design exactly.
The workshop is set up and the equipment is explained to ensure the productivity of the new working environment as it was shown in the design phase.
With the after-sales service, our specialised and dedicated staff will always be by your side, for any future needs or extraordinary maintenance.

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